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It is an insect exhibition with the theme of "fighting".

The highlight is the three-dimensional specimen displayed as if it were alive.

​Art and insects attract women and those who are not interested in insects.

​ Specimen display (three-dimensional specimen)

​biological exhibition

Specimens displayed as if they were alive

Carefully select only insects that actually fight,

You can feel like you are watching the ecology up close.

​You can also see videos of various fighting styles

​ Exhibition of living stag beetles and beetles that specialize in fighting

​You can see living organisms all over the world

​ popular Hercules beetles and giraffe stag beetles

​ insect coloring book corner

Butterflies, stag beetles, and beetles coloring books are very popular with girls.

You can also take a commemorative photo in front of the giant original painting by Ko Tateno, a biological artist.