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​2022 Major Event Report


October 15th (Sat) Volunteer activities in Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture

In April 2011, less than a month after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Miyama Kamen and Chibi Miyama Kamen visited the Tohoku region and participated in volunteer activities.

October 9th (Sun) Forest Wrestling (Shizuoka Prefecture)

"Forest Wrestling" was held at Nuts RV's Thanksgiving Day

Tatsuji Fujinami, who celebrates his 50th anniversary this year, Shrek Hideki Sekine, who is also active in MMA, Ryota Hama, who weighs 225 kg, Yakan Nabe, who is also a well-known entertainer, and Nanae Takahashi, a female professional, participated.


August 1 (Mon) - 21 (Sun) Ikimono Kingdom (Fukuoka)

A stage show will be held twice a day during the period,A total of 42 giant stag beetles were presented

Also, in the insect catching experience, you can touch stag beetles and beetles from all over the world,

I gave away beetles and stag beetles that I caught myself


July 17 (Sun) Musashino Village (Fighting Insect Exhibition)

Appeared in a stage show at Musashinomura Amusement Park in Saitama Prefecture

In addition, the "Fighting Insect Exhibition" was held from July 16th (Sat) to August 28th (Sun).

We exhibited a powerful three-dimensional specimen that was made into a fighting figure, and a specimen exhibition with the theme of "fighting".


July 23 (Sat) Tokyo Camping Car Show 2022 (Tokyo)

Appeared on the stage of the Tokyo Camping Car Show held at Tokyo Big Sight

Insect Heroes had a game showdown, and at a rock-paper-scissors tournament, they presented Captain Stag products, for which Insect Heroes serve as ambassadors.


June 19 (Sun) Sagamihara Environmental Festival (Kanagawa Prefecture)

This "Sagamihara Environment Festival" will be held for the first time in three years, and it will also be the first time in three years that the stag beetle ninja will appear.

Many children participated very enthusiastically.

We played a bug quiz, ninja gymnastics, and games using ninjutsu.

At the end, we presented a saw stag beetle in a rock-paper-scissors competition.

May 17 (Tue) 18 (Wed) Niihama Municipal Daiseiin Elementary School (Ehime Prefecture)

I gave a two-day lecture at an elementary school in Ehime Prefecture, the hometown of Miyama Kamen.

This class was for 4th and 5th graders, so we had them look at the specimens at the Fighting Insects exhibition first and learn well.


May 8 (Sun) Tatsuno Insect Museum (Hyogo Prefecture)

An event was held at "Tatsuno Minna no Insect Museum" in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture.

In addition to Kwales, we gave away stag beetles at the rock-paper-scissors competition, and exhibited the "Fighting Insects Exhibition".

May 6 (Fri) Sanpachi Children's Project (Kyoto)

Visited "Sanpachi Children's Project" in Kyoto

Sanpachi Children's Project is an organization that is supported by local people, such as children with disabilities and children who cannot go to school, without being bound by the framework of existing welfare services.

Everyone was really looking forward to the arrival of Miyama Kamen and Stag Beetle Ninja.


May 5 (Thursday) Omurasaki Center (Yamanashi Prefecture)

On Children's Day, we held an interesting insect show and a fighting insect exhibition at the "Omurasaki Center" in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture.

A lot of insect-loving families participated in the interesting insect show, and they were absorbed in watching the fighting insect exhibition.

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